Anna Kesler

Anna Kesler

A lead UX designer specializing in complex application design.

About me

I specialize in the UX of complex application design. I consider myself to be self motivated and an independent thinker.

As a strong proponent of Lean UX, I enjoy working with developers in an agile environment. I strive to deliver interactive prototypes whenever possible. My process begins with the "why" and ends with the "how".


My undergraduate studies were in Psychology and Business Administration. My mind is both creative and analytical and fits well into the world of UX.

I transitioned into UX Design over 8 years ago. After completing my B.A. degree, I quickly realized that the Graphic Arts was the creative outlet I needed. I quickly progressed in my career to Web Design and then UX Design, completing my M.S. in Interactive Design and Media.


For over 8 years I have been focusing on solving complex user experience problems for SaaS applications and IIoT platforms. I try to use the "fail fast" mentality so that I can learn quickly and iterate often. As such, I enjoy working with like minded people who are not afraid to try different approaches. After all, if you don't at least try, you don't get a chance to learn.

I feel comfortable working within the parameters of Lean UX or Design Thinking. Each has a time and place.

What I do when I'm not working

You can find me creating new exercise routines, learning piano, or enjoying outdoor activities with my family and our dog, Archie. I love the beach and aim to live near it some day. Hopefully before retirement!